28 April 2011

Whats IN....

Colorado to split
Colorado Group has been put on the market, with brands such as JAG and Diana Ferrari expected to be separated in the sale.

Target goes online
Target Australia has finally launched a new retail website, eventually following department stores Myer, Big W, Kmart and David Jones.

Arthur Galan: Recently defects from David Jones to Myer
Myer coups by luring Arthur who is expecting to double turnover.

DJ’s plays tough payment terms for suppliers
David Jones now wants a 3.25% discount for payment in 90 days and if you want your money in 7 says you get hit for 6% discount.

Majors get hours extended
The trading hours of Coles and Woolworths stores in the Cairns CBD have been extended on weekends, sparking an uproar from Night Owl stores in the CBD

Perfume chain collapses
High-profile fragrance retailer Perfume Empire has gone into receivership

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